What is ...Pr@xis?.. Probiotics

We are a Holistic Gut Health Co Op based in Derby that specialises in producing the highest quality probiotic food & drink, social eating events, workshops, retreats and more.

We craft 100% organic artisan Kombucha, Krauts, Kefir, Kimchi & other good gut stuff. We grow much of our own produce at home and local allotment whilst also procuring ingredients from ethical workers cooperative Sound Bites, independent health store The Fig & Trinity Farm in Awsworth.

We’re passionate about the power and importance of community in transforming our health and society and so love bringing people together to delight in fine affordable dining, finding inspiration from conversation, empowerment in information and enjoyable entertainment.

We want to help change the world by being part of a growing movement of groovers and shakers that are doing our bit in nurturing the health of the whole, cultivating connections whilst aspiring to be, grow and feed the changes we want to see.

We believe we THRIVE, together!

Upcoming Workshops

We find gut health, fermentation, food, drink, community, nature and the wider world fascinating! We’re passionate about empowering ourselves with knowledge to live the best lives we can and absolutely love sharing what we know whilst learning with others. From gut health to the good life, the microbiome to the macro issues impacting it, permaculture to people powered politics, asparagus to astrology, there’s loads of stuff we love to discuss, learn and teach with others.

We have upcoming Praxis Master Classes in Gut Health & Nutrition with Nutritional Therapist Lucy Kay as well as our brand new Fermentation Stations where we’ll be teaching how to make probiotic Water Kefir, Kombucha & Sauerkraut. Look out for the first Praxis Probiotics Holistic Gut Health retreat at Shining Cliff Woods  and more announcements coming up.