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What is ...Pr@xis?.. Probiotics

Praxis Probiotics is a holistic gut health co-op based in Derby that’s passionate about communities thriving together.

We specialise in crafting the highest quality wild-fermented food & drink whilst committing to the permaculture principles & ethics of people care, earth care and fair share.

Our gut healing & immune boosting Kombucha, Kimchi, Krauts & Kefir’s are made with 100% organic ingredients that’s either locally grown or sourced from fellow workers cooperative Sound Bites, biodynamic Trinity Farm, independent health store the Fig or other ethical outlets.

Our Give & Takeaway pay-what-you-want healthy meal delivery service is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, restaurant standard food lovingly prepared by award winning chef Dena Smiles.

We invite everyone to get involved so that we can thrive together!

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We craft 100% Organic, artisanal Kombucha, Krauts, Kefir & Kimchi which you can buy from our Shop.

Lots of our produce is grown at home, on our allotment or at Hannah fields Community Gardens here in Derby. This means Zero food miles! We also procure ingredients from ethical workers Co-op Soundbites, independent Health food store The Fig & Biodynamic Trinity Farm in Awsworth.

We want to help transform the world by being part of a growing movement of groovers & shakers that do the necessary work nurturing the health of the whole, cultivating connections whilst aspiring to grow & feed the changes we want to see.

We are passionate about the power & importance of community. We love bringing people together to enable transformations in society & transformations in health & well being.

All Good health starts in the Gut!

This is why we’re so passionate about making our probiotic foods and drinks and our healthy, organic, plant-based Give & Takeaway ready meals.

Our probiotic produce provides friendly bacteria to help populate our microbiome with the ‘good bacteria’ that keep us in good health. These help to crowd out any potentially ‘bad bacteria’ that will upset the balance of our gut and may lead to ‘dis-ease’ and poor physical and mental health.

Our ready meals are full of the delicious plant-based fibres that our own bacteria thrive on, keeping them healthy and well, so in turn they can keep us healthy and well!

Plant power to the people

Pay what you want ready meals

The Give and Takeaway is a ‘ready-meal’ delivery service with a twist – you pay what you want. 

Each month we create a new menu of three exciting 100% organic plant-based meals for you to choose from. All our meals are gluten, dairy and nut free.

Place your order by Wednesday and we deliver, contactless, to your door on Thursday.

New Praxis Shop Now Open

Buy all your favourite Praxis Probiotic Products.

Our shop is now open for you to purchase all our fermented foods, drinks and our Give & Takeaway ready meals. Choose from 3 plant-based, organic, healthy ready meals and our extensive selection of probiotic, gut-healing krauts, kimchi, kefir and kombuchas. We have our regular favourites such as Smooch Booch, Pink Kraut and Vegan Kimchi, as well as seasonal specials each week. We’re open to orders from Monday morning until Wednesday night at midnight for delivery that same Thursday between 6-8pm. Delivery is completely FREE. We currently deliver to Derby and Nottingham, at postcodes beginning with the following.

If you’re outside these areas and you want to order from us, get in touch via the Contact Page. We might be able to help you.