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Praxis Probiotics is a non-profit holistic health co-operative that aims to nourish, connect and inspire communities to heal and thrive together.

We hand-craft the highest quality organic wild-fermented food and drinks – Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut & Kefir.

We home grow and ethically source all our ingredients whilst committing with passion to the permaculture principles of earth care, people care and fair share from plot-to-plate.

We connect a community of volunteers by offering varied work experience opportunities in our growing, media, kitchen and support circles.

We run a range of workshops, walks, retreats and courses to help our community to take their holistic health into their own hands.

We want to collaborate with those who share our values and vision towards a world where all of us can thrive fully together.

Plant Power to the People!

Praxis Probiotics Workers Cooperative 2020

Our Produce

Our Kitchen team ethically hand-crafts the highest quality Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi & Kefir which are all packed full of probiotic gut healing bacteria, digestive enzymes, enhanced nutrients and more.

Our award winning chef & Kombucha queen Dena Smiles brings over a decade of fermentalist expertise and alongside her seasonal ‘Booch varieties is known for her gorgeous Dilly Kraut, flu-busting Mistress Tonic & signature Vegan Kimchi. Watch out for her supergreen Power Kraut made with homegrown Spirulina & Microgreens coming soon.

Working alongside Dena in the kitchen team is Nutritional Therapist and Gut Health expert Lucy Kay as well as holistic health practitioner Jo Peace and Praxis founder Simon Jones. Jonezy’s original Smooch Booch, 3 Kings Kombucha, Pink & Superfood Kraut remain best sellers.

Visit our shop to find out more and buy our produce.

Plot to Plate

Our Growing team are wild about nature and cultivate a number of spaces throughout the year all local to our kitchen in Derby city.

Brendan McDowell & Karl Smith are our expert eco-boffins who help homegrow our ingredients. They’re compost connoisseurs, mushroom & microgreen masters, spirulina specialists and all round plant pros from seedling to feeding the people.

Dena Smiles brings her love for healing foods, herbalism and urban permaculture to whatever plots she can plan before preparing ready for the plate. This trio sow, grow, forage and share their care for ecology with our volunteers whilst enjoying the healing benefits of nature and the great outdoors.

Media & Awareness

Knowledge is power and our Media team shares the info and guidance needed to help our customers make the most of our products, services and opportunities.

From enthusing about the big issues, heart marketing the health benefits, providing ideas for use, how to make your own and inspiring other ways to make healthy holistic changes, our media team spread the word. Gem H is our social media maestro who brings a fun and stylish flare infused with her own insights and enthusiasm for holistic health. Complimenting Gem excellently is Nutritional Therapist Lucy Kay who drops science about the potent properties of our products. Dynamic duo Dena Smiles & Simon Jones both bring their bits to the media mixing bowl spreading the word and raising awareness about the relevance of what we do.

Volunteer Community & Work Experience

At Praxis we love the long list of benefits that volunteering brings and so invite you to get involved and help us help others.

We see it as an act of mutual aid, a give & take, win-win that works for everyone. We share our knowledge, skills and work experiences in return for your kind time and energy. The more hands lightening the load the merrier, achieving more with all of us finding connection, fulfilment and purpose in the process.

We’re really proud and impressed by our volunteer community and so grateful for all the help we receive. We make sure our volunteers always get to jump to the front of the queue for any discounts, limited editions, spaces or freebies we have to offer. In solidarity we always serve.

If you’d like to get involved with either of our Growing, Kitchen, Media or Support circles then please get in touch.

A standing ovation to everyone who’s volunteered this year. We consider you the stars of the show and look forward to continuing cultivating the regenerative revolution together.

Interested? Get involved! Send us a message on the Contact page.

Our Amazing Network

As a small, local co-operative, we understand the importance of working together with other organisations with a similar ethos to our own.

We hand-select the businesses to stock our products, the partners to work with and the suppliers to buy ingredients and raw materials from.

Praxis Probiotics is proud to be an official partner of the Staywell Derby CIC Wellness centre founded by James Gratton which is a brilliant team of inspiring individuals and organisations. We are currently developing empowering plans for the future together.

Give & Takeaway

Plant Power to The People

Our Give & Takeaway pay-what-you-want healthy meal delivery service is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, restaurant standard food lovingly prepared by award winning chef Dena Smiles.

We launched the project in response to the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown situation back in March 2020. Between March and July we delivered over 1500 nutritious ready-meals to local households.

We look forward to relaunching the Give & Takeaway from our brand new kitchen at the exciting new Staywell Derby CIC building on St Mary’s Gate early 2021.