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We lovingly produce the highest quality gut healing probiotic fermented foods & drinks, such as Kombucha, Coconut Water Kefir, fermented vegetables, Salsa’s, Chilli Sauce & more.

We also enjoy running workshops in how to make your own probiotic food and drinks whilst also sharing information through our website to help empower people learn more about various health & wellbeing related issues.

Community is really important so we organise various free THRIVE fundraiser events & free skill shares which aim to connect, empower people to meet & make positive changes for the better, together.

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We shall be keeping you updated over the coming months via the …pr@xis?.. blog, which is where we’ll share exciting developments, personal experiences, insightful articles, opinion pieces, interviews and much more. It’s also where …pr@xis?.. PROBIOTICS founder Simon ‘…pr@xis?..’ Jones shall be documenting his year of sobriety as he aspires towards optimal health & wellbeing sharing what he learns along the way whilst raising money for Active Cancer Therapy Support.

If you’d like to contribute in anyway then please get in touch.

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Gut Health & Fermentation Workshops

One of the best and tastiest ways of supporting gut health is by consuming probiotic foods, such as fermented vegetables. Packed full of potentially billions of beneficial bacteria, lacto-fermented veg can play a key role in supporting the gut, boosting the immune system, mood and more.

In our workshop, nutritional therapist Lucy Kay from The Mind & Body Tree and fermentalist Simon Praxis Jones from Praxis Probiotics shall be bringing their cutting edge knowledge of gut health and fermentation to bring you everything you need to know in order to optimise your gut health and ferment your own probiotic vegetables.