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Did you know that Praxis Probiotics is made up of a team of seven? We interviewed all our team members to find out what makes them tick, the issues they care about most and what they love about working with Praxis. We’ll be releasing the full interviews soon, but in the meantime, he’s a snippet of what they each had to say.

Why do you think Praxis is important?

GEM: It’s heart, body and soul-destroying to be living in a world with VERY little focus on health and humanity right now. Hugs are hugely important (someone tell Boris). Stress, fear and fries from a drive-thru affect our health. However, the latter are not only rife, they’re encouraged.

If you want to be healthier. If you want to heal. If you want genuine advice from good, honest people who are down-to-earth (literally in the earth), you’re at the right place. Praxis are here out of genuine compassion for the hearts and guts of the people.

What type of world do you want your child to be growing up in?

BRENDAN: A world where equity and empowerment are core to our cultures. Where gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, class are not things that divide us, in fact that they are relics of the past. A world where nature is protected and regenerated, where we revel in connecting with it on its terms. Where all species are respected, that they have a right to this planet just as we do. To realise like our bodies the planet is one mass symbiotic organism.

What are the big issues you care about most?

LUCY: I care about creating a safe and sustainable future for my children. I’m not perfect, but I try to be conscious of voting for the kind of future I want by carefully considering where I spend my money. I care about the environment, and particularly about the food environment which has been so heavily impacted by industry and factory farming. I believe in a return to farming and food production methods that are in harmony with the land, the animals and ourselves.

I care about people and want everyone to have the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life.

What passions do you bring to the work you do with Praxis?

DENA: A Passion for Food! A passion for Permaculture! A Passion for Health and wellbeing. A Passion for Nature. A Passion to continue learning, exploring and growing. A Passion to share and teach others the knowledge and skills I have. A Passion for Collaboration.

Why do you think Praxis is important?

JO: Praxis provides a platform for bringing people together. We have a great team which I’m so grateful to be part of, but our volunteer programme enables so many more people to be involved, connected. It’s like a big family in many ways and that’s what’s missing for a lot of people. It’s great that we can do that. Also, teaching people about gut health. A lot of people talk about it these days but enabling people to access our food and teaching them about making their own is gold.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your role?

KARL: Working with volunteers has certainly been one of the most fulfilling parts of my role with Praxis. With the current times we face, a lot of other community projects have struggled to provide the same level of engagement with local communities, so we have been extremely lucky to have been able to accommodate small groups in Covid-Safe environment.

What sort of things would you like to see Praxis doing more of in the future?

JONEZY: I’m really excited about our partnership with Staywell Derby CIC and the kitchen we’ll be running alongside their cafe as part of their wellness centre on St Mary’s Gate in Derby. I look forward to us relaunching our Give & Takeaway organic plant powered home delivery service as well as the THRIVE empowerment events.  I’m also very excited about Praxis Probiotics creating more online courses and communities so we can surf the earth. The thought of our teams expertise glowing into homes across the globe fills me with glee. Podcasts, health coaching, retreats, workshops, forages, nature walks, feasts and the more opportunities for volunteers, partners, friends and fellow regenerative revolutionaries to connect and thrive together the better.

Tune in over the next few weeks to read everyone’s interviews in full!!

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