Meet The Team – Jo


What’s your name and what do you do with Praxis Probiotics? 

My name’s Jo Peace and I’m an administrator at Praxis. I also do bits in the kitchen now and again.


What passions do you bring to the work you do with Praxis? 

It’s great to work with a company that has similar values to me. Healthy eating and living more sustainably has been on my radar for many years now, I’ve been vegan for around four years and try to source sustainable products if possible. I try to be conscious of those things when I’m at work too. I’m always looking for solutions that will have less impact on our planet.


What are the big issues you care about most? 

The climate crisis, loss of species due to human greed/consumption etc..


Why do you think Praxis is important? 

Praxis provides a platform for bringing people together. We have a great team which I’m so grateful to be part of, but our volunteer programme enables so many more people to be involved, connected. It’s like a big family in many ways and that’s what’s missing for a lot of people. It’s great that we can do that. Also, teaching people about gut health. A lot of people talk about it these days but enabling people to access our food and teaching them about making their own is gold.


What’s the most fulfilling part of your role?

I love that it’s different every day and I get to spend my working hours with such amazing people. I’m learning stuff all the time.


What sort of things would you like to see Praxis doing more of in the future?

Continue growing the volunteer programme and reaching more and more people in Derby. I hope we can inspire other areas of the country to do similar projects!


What do you look forward to doing for your own holistic health and wellbeing? 

Yoga is my go to for maintaining a healthy body and mind. I’ve also been dabbling at some growing at home which I love! I’m also a qualified holistic therapist and love working with essential oils around the home, for treating myself and my family when we’re feeling under the weather and for their amazing mood boosting/calming properties. I love them!


What type of world do you want your children to be growing up in? 

(Significantly) less emphasis on consumerism as a measure of happiness. Better connection with each other and our surroundings.


What do you enjoy doing outside of Praxis work and how do you relax? 

I mostly enjoy hanging out with my family and seeing friends. I relax with yoga and netflix bingeing!


In what ways do you hope 2021 will be different to 2020? 

More focus on healthier eating and lifestyle choices to enable people’s immune systems to do what they are designed to do and fight bugs/disease/viruses. Then we can all go out and dance again!!

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